Game Drives

Morning and Sunset Game Drives

Morning and Sunset Game Drives on part of the 7000 ha area with a wide variety of game to be seen. Game drives are done in open 4×4 game drive vehicles by well trained guides. Regular

sightings of Rhino, Buffalo, Sable antelope, Zebra, Gemsbok, Kudu, Giraffe, Impala, Eland and Blue Wildebeest.  Morning drives are about 3 hour and starts at 7am. You will be back just in time for brunch. The Sunset Game drive is about 3 hours, from 3pm till 6pm. Includes gamedSundowner on viewpoints and beverages.

Night Drives

Night drives are offered after dinner each night giving guests the opportunity to observe nocturnal animals. Night drives are very popular, where we concentrate on nocturnal animals only. Aardwolf, small spotted genet, and a very good chance to see the elusive aardvark, various rodents, owls make for an unforgettable game drive, not to mention the star-studded night sky.

Bird & game viewing hide

Bird & game hide overlooking a water hole nearby Game viewing hide, which is an excellent location for photography and general game viewing. During warm summer months, bird-watching is at its best when all the migrants have moved in.


Fishing for the legendary species of bream, barbel (catfish), yellowfish, squeaker and mackerel not only provides an exciting fishing experience, but excellent game viewing (crocodile, hippo) and birding as well. Equipment is provided, and a knowledgeable guide is on hand for all expeditions. Fishing is done by boat positioned near banks and mid-river reads.

The fishing is done at the Magalakwena River Lodge, part of Chattaronga Safaris, about 20 min. drive from the Chattaronga’s Baobab Lodge.

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Predator Park

Walk on the wild side of life with our predators here at Ingogo, in a safe environment, enjoy nature and what you can learn about Africa’s king of the bush.We offer exciting encounters with our young lions and tigers. Our animals include:predp

  •     Lions
  •     White Lions
  •     Caracals
  •     Cervat Cats
  •     Wild Dogs
  •     Tigers
  •     Leopard

Golf at Swartwater

Golf course: 18 hole
About a hours drive from Chattaronga Safaris. Play alongside wildlife on a Golf Course on the edge of the mighty Limpopo river.